At Grooming Services, we pride ourselves with being in compliance with the Consumer Protection Act of South Africa, following the set procedure as laid out by the law. Given any discrepancies in customers receiving a product or service, they are encouraged to bring the matter to Grooming Services attention either Verbally or Written for a Return, Repair or Refund to take place.

For either a Returns or Refund on any purchased items will only be accepted within 30 days of purchase date and on the following conditions:

  1. It is in its original packaging.
  2. Items are not damaged, soiled or used.
  3. It is in a Sellable condition (should the item/s be correctly supplied the client may receive store credit);
  4. Original Proof of Purchase must be presented. No returns will be accepted without proof of purchase.
  5. Stock returns must be arranged with the store where the items were purchased, proper return procedures will be adhered to. Items returned may not be settled the same day. The customer will be notified via email once return policy is verified or signed off.
  6. If requested the item can be swopped for other items to the same value. Swopped items may not be returned at any given time.
  7. All payments on items returned may take up to 48 hours for payments to be affected. Payment will be done via EFT irrespective if it was a cash or credit card purchase.
  8. Deposits will not be refunded on special orders or items once order is confirmed.
  9. No items purchased that’s under warranty will be exchanged or refunded without the items being inspected or without the approval of the accredited supplier or manufacturer. Proper procedure needs to be followed for all items under warranty, which may take up to 48 to 72 hours .
  10. Kindly Note all warranty claims will be dealt with at normal working hours i.e Monday to Friday 7h30 to 16h00 , No warranty claims will be dealt with on a Saturday, Sunday or a Public Holiday.


• It is the customers responsibility to ensure that he or she receives correct change before leaving the store.
• No claims for any damages or shortages will be entertained once leaving the store.
• Please treat our company, Staff members and management with utmost respect. We will make every endeavour to assist our customers to the best of our ability.
• Customers can be rest assured that they will receive good service and advice, but we need to adhere to procedures.
• No form of violence or aggressive out bursts will be entertained at our store.
• Pet Super Store CC T/A Grooming Services, procedures and regulations are within the parameters of the consumer protection act.


After receiving an order that is not to the customers liking or request, the customer is entitled to a 7-day period in which they are allowed to exchange their items to their total value. Provided that the above-mentioned criteria are adhered to and the items are in an unused condition. If the items are slightly used, damaged, worn, or dirty - caused by the customer, then they no longer qualify for the exchange policy as it violates the first clause of the policy. Each exchange is monitored and if the customer wants to take an item more expensive than their original order, they accept to paying the required difference.


As a large number of products offered by Grooming Services are imported from overseas and brought in through various methods. Their condition upon arrival is inspected, documented, and loaded on the system but manufacturing defects is not uncommon and should be reported once uncovered. Customers are encouraged to report and inform Grooming Services of any manufacturing defects which they encounter within the first 30-days after purchase. Grooming Services reserves the right to inspect the device/s and determine whether it is a manufacturing defect or negligent handling, before proceeding with the repair. Should it be determined that the devices was handled in a negligent manner Grooming Services will inform the customer and invoice them accordingly.


Once Grooming Services has received the item and it meets the abovementioned criteria an inspection will be done, and the customer will be notified. After inspection has cleared the parcel and it has been signed off a refund will be done accordingly. The standard procedure for a refund is an EFT payment directly to the customer’s account - detail must be provided by the customer. Cash refund will only be done if the purchase was made with cash and a refund receipt will be provided. Standard 3 - 5 working days will be adhered to with refund payment and a proof of payment will be sent to the customer confirming that their refund was successful.

If you have any questions you are welcome to contact Grooming Services through: