Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Benefits of Dog Grooming?

Regular grooming offers a number of significant benefits to your pet…

  • It promotes the health of the dog's skin, coat, teeth, and every other part of their body.
  • It allows a professional get to know your pet. This is beneficial as they may be able to identify any physical changes in your pet (or pet's behaviour) and thus identify any early onset of health problems.
  • It lowers you dog's stress levels and reduces their blood pressure.

This all contributes to the health and the happiness of your pet dog grooming experts will ease your pet into these services and let them get used to use to being groomed.

How Often Should You Have Your Dog Groomed?

  • Bathing

The frequency of bathing depends on your lifestyle and the type of dog. If it is a small inside dog that sleeps on beds and furniture, it is advisable to bath at least every 2 weeks (unless the dog gets really dirty!) A thorough bath once per month is advised for dogs. Large outside breeds may be bathed every 6 – 8 weeks. Ensure that you use dog shampoo which is appropriately pH balanced for dog skins. Using a sulphate free pet product will also prevent drying of the skin. Rinsing thoroughly is very important. A good dog conditioner will further nourish the coat and make it easy to brush and maintain.

  • Nails

Dogs' nails will grow in a curve, so if the nails get too long, it will cause their digits to splay or twist when they're walking. This may be painful and uncomfortable for your pet. Request that the grooming parlour cut nails at every grooming.

When Should a Puppy Be Groomed for the First Time?

Obviously puppies spend a lot of time on laps, on furniture and on beds! Hence, the frequency of bathing depends on your lifestyle. In terms of professional parlour grooming, it is advisable to send puppy from young just so that they can get used to the smells, sights and sounds (as well as strangers handling them). Many puppies are groomed in parlours from as early as eight weeks of age. These first visits will be short and simple; they'll probably entail a bath, blow-dry, nail clipping, and minimal trimming around the face. Familiarising your puppy to parlours is an important step in the lifelong grooming process.