The Best Dog Clippers for Professional Groomers

Oster Clippers

While people have hair, dogs have fur. This is why many owners and professional groomers use the best dog clippers money can buy to keep their dog's coat smooth. If your dog's coat is thick and heavy, he may spend the entire summer being too uncomfortable. Professional dog clippers allow you to trim your dog's coat so that he remains comfortable without all that fur getting in the way.


The Oster® Golden A5® 2-Speed Clipper handles everything from general purpose grooming to precision clipping at regular and high speed settings. This clipper is compatible with A5® Cryogen-X™ blade, Elite Cryogen-X™ blade and the wider Take-Down-Quick™ wide blade series.

The Oster 2 – Speed Golden A5 professional animal clipper is the cooler, faster, more versatile way to clip your pets. Thanks to the powerful universal motor, you can knock down thick coats and tough matts in no time. With just the flick of a switch go from low speed for precision grooming around the face and delicate areas, right to full body clipping with the higher speed setting. No more worrying about chewed up clippers, the Golden A5's powerful motor is surrounded by a virtually unbreakable chew-proof housing that will stand the test of time. Choose what the professionals use with the Oster Golden A5 clipper, and take the hassle out of grooming.

Oster A5

The Oster A5 is a corded dog clipper offering decent features, power, and is also pretty durable considering the price. It delivers 3,000 strokes per minute on low speed and 4,000 strokes per minute on high speed.

They are labeled as heavy-duty dog clippers by Oster but we disagree. It is a great dog clippers for occasional groomers or to groom your own pets at home, but it wouldn't do well on an intensive regime, we think.

World-recognized Oster is a very reliable brand, made in the USA, and their products are definitely great overall. We just think this is a perfect clipper for a one-dog groomer, but for frequent grooming and trimming sessions, the dog clippers described above should do a much better job, for not a big price difference.

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