Pet Grooming Tip 2: How To Use Dog Clippers

Now you have your Grooming Kit, Let's Get Started…

Wash & brush first

Bathing and brushing your dog before you cut helps to get rid of tangles and clumps of hair that can make grooming more difficult & even painful for the dog (and yourself!). If you are planning a short summer cut, shave first, as this eliminates unnecessary discomfort for your dog. Bear in mind that shaving a very dirty, very matted dog may blunt your blades quicker.

Use the Right Tools

In Your Grooming Kit you'll need a clipper, comb, scissors and slicker brush. A professional groomer has these readily available. You can purchase clipper blades, combs, and brushes at any time right here online! When purchasing clippers, blades, nail clippers, and slicker brushes, do your research. There are many different brands of tools out there which may be quite overwhelming. To eliminate confusion, and buyer hesitation, research either online or talk to us about the equipment best suited for your needs. Keep in mind that stainless steel, although a bit pricier, will last longer, not rust, and provide one of the strongest & cleanest cuts out there for your pet's coat.

Quieter is better

Depending on your dog, loud noises mostly surprise or even distress them. Test different clippers and get the one that makes the least noise as this will make the experience better for both of you. While grooming, it is important to keep all outside distractions to a minimum; such as keeping others away from your pet, whether they be other people or other animals.

Don't Pull Hair!

How can you keep from doing this? By keeping your clippers sharp. Grooming clippers should be kept sharp at all times as this eliminates tugging or discomfort.

Know Your Dog's Coat

Before you attempt to start grooming your dog yourself, it's probably smart to pay one last visit to a professional. Have them walk you through the process and show you the best way to clip the coat of your specific breed. Things to keep in mind are how long the hair is in certain parts of the dog's body, as not to get too close to the skin, and what comb attachments a professional groomer uses.

Choose the Right Blade

Different blades cut different lengths. Ask the supplier what they recommend. When in doubt, try the snap-on guide combs. With long-haired dogs you may have to use multiple blades and comb attachments to get the desired cut for your dog. However, if you have a short haired dog, a single blade can do the trick in most cases.

Make Sure the Clippers Don't Get Too Hot

Hot clippers will burn your dog's skin. Get into the habit of turning off the clipper and touching it to check the temperature. If they seem too hot, you've got some options:

  • Spray on clipper coolant or lubricant
  • Switch to another clipper (if you have a spare)
  • Change out the blades for cooler ones.
  • Put the hot blade on something metal like a baking sheet as that absorbs the heat surprisingly fast!

It should take you about 20 – 30 minutes to trim your dog, depending on the size! Feeling ready? Start clipping!