Groomer’s Choice Guides and Advice

A is for Acquire

Now before purchasing any grooming kit, it is important to:

When you are starting off and doing the initial online research for the tools and kits, you will encounter a vast selection of Products, Purpose, Benefits and Prices that are all available on the market. Now these things can seem scary at first and for some even frustrating because choosing the wrong tools can lead to a painful and pricey problem. Now there is no need to stress because in this sections we are going to make things as simple as possible to change your grooming frustration into a smooth cutting operation. Removing all the hassles and headaches so that YOU can focus on the fluff in front of you.
Let’s start at the beginning so we cover the essential basics and achieve the best results from the get go.
  • Choosing the best kit for you and your purpose - whether it be for a Professional Parlour or Home Grooming. That information is vital as it leads to the next.
  • Understanding hair types of different breeds - Smooth, Short-Coated, Wire-Haired, Long-Coated, Curly-Coated, Double-Coated, etc. Different breed have different needs and different needs means different things. See our Breed Guide for Grooming by clicking HERE
  • Understanding the differences between a battery-operated devices, and a wall connected unit - performance and quality differences is important.

With so many options to choose from and so many different brands and manufacturers, it can get overwhelming but let me introduce to you the brands we work with on a daily basis, and how they can work for you.