Focusing on our grind is a metaphor we take very seriously at Oster Grooming Services.

With over 30 Years of experience, top of the line industrial grade equipment and professionally trained technicians, Oster Grooming Services is a leader in Professional Blade Sharpening. Using a patented, specially designed sharpening wheel ensure that we are able to professionally and effectively sharpen all clipper blade types. We sharpen every brand of blade and all sizes and types, from home grooming and A5 standard dog blades to horse and sheep blades, all done in house by our trained technician.

We don't only sharpen clipper blades but grooming scissors and verterinary surgical equipment too. Our technician is equipted and trained to effectively handle and sharpen all types of blades to give you quality results and have your equipment feeling like brand new again.

Our technician will sharpen all your equipment with cutting edge, razor precision, to ensure that you can get back to work with convidence with gear that almost feels brand new again.


R 49.50 per Clipper Blade

R 85.00 per Scissor

R 55.00 per Horse/Sheep Blade

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"They are working like brand new."

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Clipper Blades, Grooming Scissors and Veterinary Surgical Equipment, all get sharpened by us on a daily basis. Don't worry about the rest when we are by far the best, BOOK YOUR EQUIPMENT IN TODAY!