Helpful Advice to Make Bath Time Less Stressful for Your Dog.

Brush before and after the bath.

Brushing your dog before bathing her can make brushing her afterward much easier! This will help to remove any dirt or dead hair she's been carrying, and prevent you from pulling on wet, matted tangles while she's in the tub.

Try to keep shampoo out of your dog’s eyes.

A shampoo splash to the eye might be as bothersome to your dog as it is to you. Do your best to keep shampoo away from that part of your dog's face. If some suds do get into her eyes, flush them with water or saline solution.

Offer treats and praise.

A little positive reinforcement can go a long way. Combine your dog's bath with tasty treats, plenty of praise, and maybe even a fun game or toy that's reserved especially for bath time.

Rinse thoroughly.

It's easy to miss shampoo residue, especially between your dog’s toes. But this may cause your dog to lick and irritate her skin, so rinse thoroughly and make sure there are no soapsuds remaining when you’re done.

Dry thoroughly.

Dogs love to run and roll after a bath, but you want to be sure your dog is dried thoroughly. If she is still wet, she will pick up all kinds of things from the ground and ruin all the work you just put in!

Bathe your dog less frequently.

On average, once a month is plenty for most dogs. Some breeds can even go longer than that. Ask your veterinarian what the correct interval would be for your dog's coat type and lifestyle